Dreaming of adding a splash of color to your patio floor? Sunscape Outdoor Living has you covered! Your concrete patio slab doesn’t have to stay classic grey. You can dress it up by staining it, coating it or stamping it with a pattern. Or you can remove it all together and have interlocking pavers installed. Whichever option you end up with, rest assured that our professionals will make it look amazing!


Paverstones provide clients with countless design options that you are sure to love. Pavers are prefabricated concrete stones that are made in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. When aligned, you can create patterns that are both attractive and unique.

Interlocking pavers are not only versatile in design, they are durable and flexible. Paver stones are 3x stronger than concrete. They also swell and contract making them optimal in harsh climates, like Houston, preventing cracking and costly repairs. Pavers are a great option for patios, pool decks, driveways and special features like walkways, walls & fire pits.


Get the look of stone, without the slippery texture, by installing a decorative concrete overlay. Coatings are made with real limestone and quartz—giving it a genuine look and feel—and can be outlined into any pattern.

Our process is completely artistic. First, we rigorously prep the existing concrete to ensure lasting adhesion.  Then we hand-trowel the mixture on and texturize the surface. Once dried, we hand carve the design and add custom color. Each shape is individually grouted and sealed. We have had years of experience perfecting the process and it shows in each project we complete!


On a sizzling summer day in Houston, it can be near impossible to walk across your pool deck without shoes. Adding an acrylic concrete overlay to your patio can cool your concrete patio down by up to 20 degrees and provide a texturized surface that prevents slipping. It is an especially popular choice among homeowners with swimming pools!


Adding a splash of color to your patio hardscape by staining the concrete can give your outdoor space that finishing touch you are looking for without great expense. We use time tested concrete dyes that come in a variety of shades and are made for outdoor use. Stained concrete will look just as great under a patio cover as it will around the pool deck.


Concrete can be dyed and embossed with patterns that resemble stones like slate, flagstone, cobblestone, brick or even wood planks. Texturized concrete–widely known as stamped concrete–is cost effective, low maintenance, and more durable than natural stone.


Standard concrete with a broom finish is an option for your outdoor patio. Pouring concrete is an art that requires both precision and skill. We will ensure that the levels are accurate to prevent water running towards your dwelling and custom joints are correctly cut to help prevent future cracking.